The story so far....

Back in 2004 fate arranged a chance meeting between Amro El Meligy and Mohamed Nazih. Both had long harboured big dreams of pop success, and hit it off immediately after being introduced through friends. They wasted no time in searching for a third member with which to create Egypt's newest boy band Echo. They soon came across Aly Youssef who also shared their dream of musical recognition. By early 2005 the trio was complete and spotting their talent and potential, The rest of that year was spent working hard in preparation for their debut. The boys received intensive vocal coaching from top voice instructor Nevine Aloba and spent long nights rehearsing their breath-taking dance routines. The year's efforts culminated in the recording of their first single "Beyrouh Habib". The original and uplifting record fuses Western pop with Middle Eastern beats, The single was released on December 2005 in the compilation album "Delta Hits", which saw the boys singing alongside some of the country's top teen idols including Mohamed Hamaki and Shando. Although "Beyrouh Habib" music video was actually shot it never got released due to some production problems, the boys didn't stop there, In 2008 ECHO released their 2nd song "Addaha" dedicated for the (African Cup Of Nations 2008) which made it to the top requested songs on FM, the song proved that ECHO can also do well with oriental tunes. These three ambitious guys may just be on the verge of realising their biggest dreams.
Did you know that Aly from ECHO had his first acting experiance in a short movie called "Wada3 Helmak" directed by Amr Wakid.
Did you know that Aly is the funniest member in ECHO, the other boys say he always makes them laugh for hours...
June 26, 2008
Echo for the first time in Zakazik!
Today ECHO will be performing live at the Zakazik University Concert at the Waha Hall around 3:00 PM.

April 3, 2008
Echo @ Orphans Shopping Festival
Today ECHO will be performing live at the "Azhar Park" in Cairo at 6:00 PM (Cairo Time).

February 22, 2008
Echo on Negoum FM
Tune in to ECHO's first radio interview @ 6:00 PM (Cairo Time) in the "Beanos Cafe" Program on Negoum FM.
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